About Us - Bindy & Ray

Our Lavender adventure started in Aug 2015 when we were on holiday thinking about what we could do on our property to bring in extra income. We have 2.5 acres which is not big enough for livestock and the idea of growing produce did not appeal so I made a joke to Ray about starting a Lavender plantation and the next thing we were looking into the viability of it.

“We joined the 
New Zealand Lavender Association"

“We have lived here for three years now. We both grew up in Auckland but lived in Whangarei and we moved to Dargaville when Ray got employment here. We are really excited with the initial stages of the project. Over 2016 we propagated another 3000 plants in readiness for planting in mid 2017 once the property had been contoured to maximise the viability of Lavender growing on low lying flat land. Please visit our gallery to follow our story.

 We are excited to be moving forward with our project and with all the opportunities lavender can bring.


I am a busy mum of two highly energetic children, so I know the value of taking time out for yourself to de-stress and think. I believe it is important to look after yourself so that you can look after those important to you whether family, friends or work colleagues.

I have a degree in Sports and Recreation and a Certificate in Relaxation Massage with the New Zealand College of Massage. I have completed my Reiki Stage 2.

In 2016 I decided to expand my knowledge base by starting a "Certificate in Aromatherapy" at Aromaflex in Nelson. This has been a fantastic course opening my eyes to the uses of Essential Oils in everyday life to help your mind, body and soul.

How Can I help you?

·         Decrease stress 

·         Increase circulation

·         Improve joint range of motion and flexibility

·         Release endorphin's

·         Diminish aches and pain  

·         Fight cold and flu symptoms

·         Relax your body and soothe sore muscles

·         Heal skin conditions

·         Alleviate pain

·         Balance hormones

·         Improve digestion

·         Reduce cellulite and wrinkles

·         Personal care products