Lavender Wand & Basket Making Course


Lavender Wands have been hand-crafted for centuries and used to scent drawers, linen cupboards and wardrobes. They are now being used in cars, boats and any other enclosed vehicle. Wands allow close contact with the lavender fragrance and can last for up to a decade. Baskets do not last as long. 

Squeezing the wand or bottom of the basket will release more lavender oil from the seeds.

Course Duration :  2 hours

What to bring: Yourself - I have lite refreshments available for you

Class Times:

* If you have 2 or more people interested in making Lavender Wands i can arrange a time to suit you.

  • Wand progression
    Wand progression
  • Wand & Self standing basket
    Wand & Self standing basket
  • Wand Class 1
    Wand Class 1
  • Wand Class 2
    Wand Class 2
  • Wand Class3
    Wand Class3
  • Lavender Wands
    Lavender Wands
  • Lavender Baskets
    Lavender Baskets
  • Lavender Baskets 2
    Lavender Baskets 2